Sampling Tatar Sweets

Егор Алеев/ТАСС

The best way to be introduced to Tatar cuisine is to make a local friend and invite oneself over. Tatar families really know how to cook. However, pretty good fresh baked goods are available in the shops. The famous chak-chak crafted by Baking Factory No. 3 can be found in shops like Bakhetle, as well as in any major chain store.

Walking around Kazan, you are likely to come across a spherical Tyubetey kiosk, which has a lot of good things on offer. The other places that are good to know about are Dom Chaya at Ulitsa Baumana, 64 (Baumana Street, 64); Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii at Ulitsa Baumana, 31; and Tatarskaya Usadba at Ulitsa Shigabutdina Mardzhani (Shigabutdina Mardzhani Street, 8).

Along with chak-chak, we recommend you try the sweetest talkysh kaleve (Tatar baklava) and gubadiya – pastries stuffed with rice, raisins, eggs and kort (curds boiled in baked milk with dairy butter and sugar).