Square by the Tatar State Academic Theatre Named After Galiaskar Kamal

Yegor Aleyev/TASS

The best place for taking pictures of the Kaban Lake and the Old Tatar Sloboda (Neighbourhood) with its mosques and little houses is by the Tatar State Academic Theatre Named After Galiaskar Kamal. At obe time there were wooden houses and a power station for trams. A part of today's square was taken by the Tatar Bridge across the Bulak River – under it boats went to the Kaban Lake and back. Now, there is a street, called after director Marsel Salimzhanov, who worked in the theatre for several decades.

Construction of a new theatre began here according to the plan of 1969, and was over at the time the Kaban Lake was cleared from industrial waste. The square was covered with cement plates: architects said the square was to go on across the street proceeding to the underpass. Now this area is taken by the main building of the Tatar Humanitarian Pedagogical University.

By the city's millennium anniversary in 2005, here appeared music fountains, greenery, and benches. Children like a lot the statue of Shurale and Byltyr – heroes of Gadulla Tukay's fairy tale. A high fountain comes from the lake, and boats and catamarans are crossing the water surface. The area by the theatre is a place for big concerts and mass rallies – both political and cultural.