Bulgar Hotel

Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS
This three-storey boarding house, built in 1866 to the design of Pyotr Romanov, originally belonged to Ibrahim Appakov, 1st Guild Merchant. His daughter Mariam Shamil sold the house in 1897 to local entrepreneur Akhmet Khusainov, who resold it to 1st Guild Merchant Shakir Kazakov. In the early 1900s one of the tenants, Fatkullah Ahmadullin, started a hotel named Bulgar on one of the floors. Yulduz (Star) and El-Islah (Reform) newspapers made the rooms of Bulgar Hotel the home of their editorial offices, and so did Yalt-Yolt Magazine, Magarif (Education) Publishers, and the first Tatar-language library, Kitapkhanai Islamia. Members of the Tatar intelligentsia congregated for their talks in the hotel's Oriental Club.

The hotel is particularly proud of having hosted the great Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay from October 1907 to December 1912. He worked for several local editors and publishers. Tukay wrote his poetry here, including Par at and Shurale, which every Tatar knows by heart. The building was completely demolished in 2008. The front of the new building only imitates his historical facade. However, there are plans to open a Tukay memorial room in the hotel.