Burnayev Mosque

Egor Aleev/TASS
This was the third cathedral mosque, built in 1799, initially in wood. The mosque was destroyed by another city fire, one of many, and the replacement mosque was built in red brick. It was designed by Pyotr Romanov and built with the money donated by local merchant Mukhametsadyk Burnayev. Added in 1895, its minaret, designed by Fyodor Malinovsky and Lev Khroshchonovich, is reminiscent of the belfry of the Epiphany Cathedral. This is probably the only mosque in Kazan exhibiting such a strong influence of Russian architecture, although Tatar and general oriental traits are also present. The mosque was closed in the 1930s and reopened in 1994. Sermons are held in Russian here on Fridays, in order to reach out to the Russian-speaking Moslem visitors of Kazan.