Tikhvin Mother of God Church

Egor Aleev/TASS
This Orthodox Christian temple – a rare sight in the Old Tatar Neighbourhood – was originally built between the years 1646 and 1685. But the church that has survived to this day was erected in its stead in the late 1700s. In fact, the church we see today emerged in the late 1800s following an expansion and remodelling. At that time it already bore the name of the Icon of the Holy Virgin, whose image had, according to legend, appeared above the city in 1859 – and the huge fire stopped that day in the Old Tatar Neighbourhood. The icon itself can be seen in the Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

The church was closed in 1938, to be returned to the Kazan Eparchy in 1997. It is now the central temple of all the Kryashen parishes of Tatarstan. The Kryashens are a community of Tatars baptized in Orthodox Christianity, who number around 50,000 across Tatarstan. A museum of Kryashen history and culture was appended to the church in 2015.