National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan

Egor Aleev/ТАSS
The National Bank moved here from its former offices at Chernoozerskaya (now Dzerzhinskogo (Dzerzhinskogo Street)) Ulitsa (Chernoozerskaya Street) in 1914. The house that had stood here before, built in the 1770s, had changed hands several times. It had belonged, successively, to the family of the rector of the University of Kazan, the great mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky, and the heirs of the local merchant Yevgeny Smolentsev, from whom the National Bank ended up buying it in 1908.

The new building took six years to construct. The facade familiar to every local was the idea of the architect Nikolai Sapunov. But complications arose when it came to the design of the building. The job was initially given to Fyodor Usvechev, an architect with the construction department of the governorate authority, but Usvechev did not do so well, so the project was taken over by Vasily Trifonov, an architect of the Kazan gunpowder factory, who had to fix his predecessor's mistakes.

However, the resultant building proved ideally suited to all the financiers' needs. The bank is still there, and the building has not seen any significant alteration in 100 years.