Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii (Tatar Gourmet House)

Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS
This Kazan restaurant has existed since 1969. It was remodelled in the 2000s, but that did not affect its culinary specialism. The best specimens of Tatar cuisine are prepared here with love and respect for tradition. Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii, located on a pedestrian street in the city centre, must not be missed! As you walk in, remember one thing: you will probably want to try everything, but DTK is not cheap.

The following specialties come highly recommended by steady patrons: kalzha meatloaf, horse sausage, meat and noodle soup, and manty (go for the ones with mutton). And do not forget to order some traditional Tatar baked products: echpochmaki or chak-chak. The Tatar Gourmet House is a large multiplex, where a family get-together can happen in one room while a reception for some foreign ambassador is in progress in another. Artists and musicians, who are available onsite, will grace any event with music and singing. There is also a Tatar Cookbook for sale on the premises, and a book on the restaurant's history.