Sol (Salt)

Ilnar Tukhbatov/ТАSS
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This is a massively popular local hangout that stresses noisy consumption of alcohol, live music and DJ nights. Sol has this bona fide feel of a European "any bar" with affordable prices, basic decor and no-frills menu. But students are not the only target audience for Sol. In fact, visitors of any age, taste and wallet size feel perfectly at ease here. People drink lots of strong alcohol at Sol, but they are not averse to Medovukha and Sangria. On the food side, they have burgers (including the unusual shark burger with shrimp and oyster sauce), meatballs, some soups and pastas and, if you really want one, they will do a steak for you. The bar serves breakfast from 11 a.m.: syrniki and oladi pancakes. The breakfast special for vegetarians is an Adygei cheese, feta and pumpkin burger. Those in the know intimate that Sol's ice-cold gaspacho soup is probably the best cure in the world for the morning-after syndrome. Do not come to Sol to have a quiet conversation sitting at the table. The place is crowded, noisy and semi-dark.