Belgian Beers Bar

Ilnar Tukhbatov/ТАSS
This is a small bar run by a Belgian-Russian husband and wife team: Gerdy Pittomvils and Olga. They somehow manage to get all these rare Belgian beers into Kazan. They also serve food, for example, mussels, pork ribs and rabbit with prunes. Gerdy really knows his beers. On social media, he will regularly fill the BBB page with meticulously detailed descriptions of every new beer going on offer in his bar. There are dozens of kinds of beer on offer at BBB, all spelled out on the chalkboard. Beer lovers and connoisseurs come here from all over Kazan. They bring kids on weekends to enjoy the famous Belgian waffles, baked to order. But BBB is hardly a place where you would want to stay too long with your kid. The place is small, modest, with an unremarkable interior. There is a TV, though, which gets switched on for major sports events.