Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS
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This is an Oriental chain restaurant mostly offering Tatar food, known for its outlandishly colourful interior decorations. The hallmarks of the place are deep, soft sofas, baldachins, lots of rugs, and ethnic Tatar tableware, which patrons use to eat Tatar Azu, homemade noodles, manty with mutton, or sesame flatbread. Rubai with its home cooking, ornate lampshades and subdued sounds feels more like a roomy, hospitable Oriental home than a public dining establishment. One other plus for Rubai is its deli counter, offering things like chak-chak in a gift box, meat and cabbage pie, "Turtle" cake, and much more. Rubai also delivers. If you have no desire to walk to Rubai, Rubai will deliver food to you in any part of town within 90 minutes.