Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS
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Uryuk is an Uzbek restaurant chain present in many cities across Russia. There is only one Uryuk restaurant in Kazan. Due to its central location, it is the preferred lunch destination for office staff from the neighbourhood during the day. In the evening, most of the clientele are business travellers and locals. The owners of Uryuk deserve credit for popularizing Uzbek food like no other place in town. Now everyone knows what jigar sai, kazan kabob and tovuk sai are, not to mention manty. Even people who rarely go out to eat know those dishes. Uryuk has this smart system of "sets." For example, if a small party shows up for dinner and everyone is hungry, they will be advised to order one of the six sets on the menu, which includes shish kebab, lulah kebab, vegetables, and at least one litre (35 fluid ounces) of lemonade. They have animators at Uryuk on weekends. Aside from other amusements, they will be happy to water-paint your child's face while you are busy with your pilaf.