Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS
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One of Kazan's favourite Uzbek restaurants, Pashmir elegantly fuses Oriental chic with European service. The highlights of ethnic decor are the ceiling-high vases, mosaics, wicker furniture and a huge fireplace. Government officials and other local people of consequence dine in peace and quiet at Pashmir. You can judge the clientele by the cars parked out front. They cook with flair at Pashmir, but no matter what your server recommends or your own instincts suggest, go for the pilaf. The chef will personally bring a wokful of pilaf to your table. The thing to bear in mind that it takes long to make the dish. They make it fresh a few times a day at Pashmir, so you may have to wait. Alternatively, call them to make sure pilaf is ready. Public baking of a whole lamb takes place every Friday at Pashmir. Sometimes they run promotions here – a wine festival, for instance, and they cater for family events.