Drevnyaya Bukhara (Ancient Bukhara)

Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS
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This is a festively decorated Uzbek restaurant of five rooms with sofas, hookahs, Central Asian music and friendly staff. The place owes its unfailing festive feel to things like multicoloured pillows, rugs, the heap of watermelons in the middle, gaudy drinking bowls, hookahs, mosaics, ornaments and carved wooden furniture. On weekdays, Drevnyaya Bukhara serves business lunch, offering a large selection of dishes in sets. Their main menu is huge and complicated, consisting of both Uzbek and international specialties. The Uzbek selection includes horse sausage kazy, mashkhurda soup, Tuyena mutton tenders. One room, which easily fits 90 people, is reserved for parties.