Tatarskaya Usadba (Tatar Manor)
This restaurant is a wooden building with interiors decorated in the traditional style. Right in the middle of it stands a Bolgar wood-burning oven in which they bake goose, duck and lamb dishes and simmer ready-to-eat foods. Those in the know speak highly of the local tokmach, shurpa mutton soup, "bridegroom's pelmeni," horsemeat salad and beef echpochmak. Despite the success of their traditional cooking, the chefs at Tatarskaya Usadba decided to transcend the national cuisine, adding numerous international specialties to the menu. The restaurant has an extensive wine selection and a sommelier on staff, who will help you make a choice. TU is more than just a wooden hut. It has a winter garden, a veranda, a hotel, and a pen with lots of sheep and a peacock. If you happen to visit Tatarskaya Usadba when it is warm out, try to get a table on the veranda, which opens up on the scenic Kaban Lake.