Sabitov Estate/Tatar Estate Hotel and Restaurant Complex

Egor Aleev / TASS

The classical style two-storey house was originally composed of a main building, an outbuilding and services with galleries. Its owner was merchant Khamit Sabitov, who was born in 1818 in the village of Chuvashly (now Vysokogorsky Region of Tatarstan). He sold hats, and became a merchant of the second guild, at the end of the century passed into the commoners because the business no longer brought profit, by that time the house in question, was given to his youngest son Khairulla. The estate is noteworthy, because members of the informal association of Tatar intelligentsia "East Club" – writers, poets, actors gathered here in 1908-1910. After the revolution, the First Muslim Socialist Regiment was housed here. In the early 2000s, the estate was thoroughly reconstructed, and now it is the Tatar Estate Hotel and Restaurant Complex, where you can taste authentic Tatar national cuisine dishes.