Kazan Federal University

Egor Aleev/TASS
There are many universities and colleges in Tatarstan and a total of 150,000 students, half of whom live and study in Kazan itself, making it one of Russia's "youngest" cities in terms of population age. Kazan Federal University has 15,000 students.

To get to Kazan Federal University, go down Universitetskaya Ulitsa (Universitetskaya Street).

The university was established in 1804 and became the world centre of non-Euclidian geometry (its creator Nikolai Lobachevsky was the university's provost for 20 years), organic chemistry and structural linguistics.

In Soviet times the university was named after Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin, because the future leader of the Russian revolution had studied in Kazan for a total of three months: on December 5, 1887 first-year student Vladimir Ulyanov was expelled for taking part in a protest against the university charter.

In addition to the main university building, you can visit several university museums. Among them are the historical, archeological, chemical, ethnographic, geological, botanical, zoological and astronomical museums as well as several others. A round square across from the main building with a monument to the young Vladimir Ulyanov has been nicknamed "frying pan" by the students.