Tatar Food Day
This festival was the idea of the World Congress of Tatars in 2009. Tatar Food Day is celebrated in the Tatar diasporas abroad, as well as in the capital of Tatarstan. If you happen to be in Kazan on February 28, you would be well advised to visit the Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii (Tatar Gourmet House) that day. February 28 is the birthday of Yunus Akhmetzyanov, the paterfamilias of Tatar cuisine as we know it, who worked as a chef at the Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii from its founding day in 1969 until 1984.

There is a museum on the ground floor, celebrating the great chef who was a dedicated promoter of Tatar cookery. Akhmetzyanov collected family recipes of food cooked in people's homes. His corpus of recipes was subsequently canonized as modern Tatar cuisine: from tokmach to echpochmak. You rarely find a Tatar home that does not have Akhmetzyanov's cookbooks.

Many of his dishes one can find in Kazan restaurants. For example, Tutyrma sausages from umbles in broth or Kalzha meatloaf.