Harokat Rock Festival

 Aleksandr Ryumin/TASS

One of Kazan's favourite music festivals, held since 2002, Harokat was the idea of musician and TV anchor Mark Zvanets. The name is a phonetic variant of the Tatar word "Hereket," or "Movement."The slogan is "Harokat! The movement goes on!"

Initially, young artists and bands could make the festival when they won the qualifying competitions, but now the hosts just do their own casting. The festival is now dedicated to the memory of Mark Zvanets, who was killed in a car crash in 2006. The festival plays for a day at Mayakovsky – Zheltaya Kofta (Yellow Sweater) club. The heroes of Kazan's rock scene – Dom Kukol, Murakami and Pluty – are usually on the bill. Occasionally some bands that had disbanded years before will reunite to play Harokat.