Krylya Sovetov Park

This is a real Soviet park, straight from the black-and-white films with a central avenue, the monument to Vladimir Lenin, busts of scientists Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Dmitri Mendeleyev, Mikhail Lomonosov and Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov and pre-revolutionary pilot-ace Peter Nesterov, figures of mountain climber, kolkhoz woman, a teacher and a pilot.

The Krylia Sovetov Park (Wings of the Soviets Park) was built in 1939 for residents of the new Sotsgorod, constructed by the Kazmashstroy aviation plant. Then there was a shooting gallery there, rides, a hockey rink, and near the Rubin football club school there stood a parachute tower about 40 metres (131 feet) high. The locals played park football, skated, wrestled.

In 2015, during the reconstruction the elements of the Stalinist Empire style were preserved, recreation spots for athletic activities and playgrounds were created, as well as biking and jogging paths. The fountain lights in the main alley were restored. Future plans include a café, a summer stage and terrace area for dancing and an open-air cinema.