Continent Park

The small park on Prospekt Yamasheva (Yamasheva Avenue) appeared in the 1980s, but only in 2015, it acquired its current shape and name. Now is the most interesting children's park in Kazan. The aerial view of the park shows that it is shaped like two hemispheres with continents. The North America is where large celebrations are held; a flower garden is arranged in South America. Eurasia has the large playground – point of interest the layout of Tatarstan with a mini-replica of the Kazan Kremlin.

Africa has a big sandbox, where children dig up dinosaur bones. A little farther away is an outdoor workout facility, ramps for skaters and skateboarders. Near the road, there is an area for dog-walking. A family-style café is in the works. Artificial hills protect the park from the dust and noise of the avenue.