Lebyazhye Lake

Actually, there are four lakes here – Bolshoye (Big), Maloye (Small), Svetloye (Light), Sukhoye (Dry) and they are connected by channels. In recent years, due to changes in the surrounding landscape, the areas of the lakes have decreased. Svetloye and Sukhoye Lakes have virtually disappeared. Nevertheless, the Maloye Lebyazhye Lake remains a favourite recreation spot for due to its proximity to the city – there is public transportation to get there, and the beauty of the spot – the lakes are surrounded by tall pines. The reservoirs are shallow – up to four metres (13 feet) each. There is grilling on the banks of the lakes, during the summer the national Tatar holiday Sabantuy is widely celebrated, in the winter there is skiing and sledding. In the works, there is a plan for a large-scale renovation (in fact – salvation) of the Lebyazhye lake, although a pump has been in operation since 2008, filling the Maloye Lebyazhye Lake with water from an artesian well.