Animafilm Studio

This animation studio was created at the Moscow Children's Fund in the mid-1990s. Many great animation directors have worked here, such as Andrey Khrzhanovsky (Glass Harmonica, The House that Jack Built) and Aida Zyablikova (all cartoons of the Moomin series and Kuzya the Little House Sprite series). They also taught kids the basics of cartoon animation in a study group attached to the studio. The studio, located in a historic mansion on Leningradsky Prospekt (Leningradsky Avenue), will not admit walk-ins: only tour groups may enter by prior appointment. The tour is of two parts: theory and hands-on. First they tell the visitors about the drawings, puppets and props for famous cartoons, showing sketches for, say, Yuri Norshtein's Hedgehog in the Fog, then they will teach you to make your own cartoon using a device called microstanok. In the finale, they will show some good animated cartoon from the studio's cache of "goldies."