Trubetskoys' Estate in Khamovniki Children's Park

This is a quiet, shady park one Metro station away from Sadovoye Koltso (Garden Ring). Nikita Trubetskoy, the proprietor of Neskuchny Garden, had a nice wooden house built here in 1758, which people came to see from all over Moscow. The paths of this park were trodden by many a person of consequence at the time. Alexander Pushkin visited the Trubetskoys' Estate on September 16, 1826, after attending the popular celebrations of the coronation of Nicholas I. Only a few neat ponds with bridges and a couple of vistas have remained of the estate by the beginning of the 21th century. There are also two nice playgrounds, a squirrel zoo, an aviary with partridges and pheasants, and tranquil vistas with beautiful old trees. There are no bicycle riders in the park, which is surrounded by a high fence. The park is patronized by the Creative Children's House. Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere in the park. They make a large ice-hill for sledding here every winter.