Masterslavl Entertainment Centre

Offering a plethora of exciting "career guidance" master classes all in one place, Masterslavl is a veritable children's city with its own rules, currency, lifestyle, and all the jobs necessary to support its livelihood. Expect to spend at least half your day here. That is how long one session lasts, actually. As the kid steps in, he receives a passport, a bank account, and a start-up capital, which everyone is free to use as they see fit. The money can be spent at once on amusements like rock-climbing or segway riding, or invested in a 30-minute "internship" at a bakery, library, shop or hospital, gaining qualifications for a good job, complete with a certificate and the kudos that come with it. Every class is designed to prove to Masterslavl visitors as starkly and convincingly as possible the benefits of being serious about your career. This career orientation is so much fun that everyone is happy in the end, those with a doctor's diploma, and those making a living stacking up tires at a car service station, alike. Masterslavl welcomes kids aged 5 or older, but small kids are advised to bring their parents, otherwise they may have trouble figuring out this city with its many streets and its long time-table of master classes. On weekends and during school breaks competition peaks among those wishing to learn and work at Masterslavl. The older, more experienced professionals usually win.