KidBurg Entertainment Centre

This "job city" for kids, located on the fifth floor of the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka, deserves to be on every kid's sightseeing plan for Moscow. KidBurg has its own laws, its currency, its documents, and all the rest of the regular adult appurtenances, combined to let the child settle into the new role more firmly and play it responsibly. There are fifty jobs on offer for kids aged 1.5 to 14. Older kids are offered to try their hand in the capacity of doctor, film cameraman, or sailor. Very small children are welcomed to art school, the farm, the "Soft" museum, or the central park meadow for some fun mind-building lessons. KidBurg has its own police, hospital, post office and shop. Kids can work as checkout clerks, learn to drive a car on a simulator, or take a chance as local radio hosts or reporters for a local paper. Kids' parties are also welcome: those who sign up for KidBurg special programmes are offered a chance to step in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes or one of the Ghostbusters. KidBurg offers additional options during school breaks, usually combined with some celebratory show or performance. KidBurg has a real café, where the "workers" and their parents can reinvigorate themselves when they get tired.