Stantsiya Mars Education Project

Nikolai Galkin/TASS

This is an interactive model of a Mars-based space station in the Moscow Planetarium. Those who sign up for this adventure get a chance to step in astronauts' shoes and feel the enormous responsibility that befalls them. They begin to realize how people feel on a work mission so far away from home. Stantsiya Mars Project was advised by real space scientists and astronauts during construction. The concept is this: kids get to work as engineers, communications officers, geologists and power technicians on a very realistic-looking space station. They don’t just do their jobs, but they get to handle all kinds of challenges, sometimes saving the world in the process. They fix broken computers and solar batteries, fight meteorite showers, expose and neutralize "space spies." The main idea of the project is to teach the kids to make decisions, particularly in a critical situation, when the instruments are blinking and buzzing emergency, and a meteorite splinter is coming right at you. Inside and outside, the station looks like a space station from a quality sci-fi film or some not-too-distant future: touch-screens, shiny silvery metal, and other high-tech stuff. The "ride" lasts about an hour. It is necessary to sign up in advance on the Stantsiya Mars website.