S. P. Ryabushinsky Mansion

Boris Kavashkin/TASS
Designed by Fyodor Schechtel, this 1903 mansion is one of the finest buildings in Moscow, built for factory owner and patron of the arts Stepan Ryabushinsky, founder of the AMO (ZiL) truck factory. In 1932, this exquisite Art Deco building became the home of Soviet writer Maxim Gorky, who had just returned from Italy and had to prepare for the 1st Soviet Writers' Convention. Gorky did not like his new home. He wanted to get rid of the decorations, created by Mikhail Vrubel. When Gorky died in 1936, his son's widow Nadezhda Peshkova continued to live in the house, eventually turning a part of it into a Gorky Memorial Museum. The Ryabushinsky Mansion is one of the very few buildings remaining in Moscow, which looks exactly as it had looked pre-1917, largely thanks to Gorky's descendants, who made an effort to conserve the building in its original splendour.