Pashkov's House

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
One of Moscow's signature landmarks, the classical Pashkov's House stands atop the Vagankov Hill. Assumed to have been designed by Vasily Bazhenov, the house was built at the end of the 18th century for Pyotr Pashkov, an Imperial Guard captain with the Semyonovsky Regiment. When first built, Pashkov's House looked so unusual Muscovites came in droves to have a look. The government purchased the building in the 19th century for the Moscow Noblemen's University, but eventually it became part of the Rumyantsev Museum. The Russian State Library (formerly Public Library) moved in in the early 1900s, and has stayed to this day. Rumour has it, Ivan the Terrible's lost library is buried deep in the entrails of the Vagankov Hill, underneath Pashkov's House. Individual visitors are not admitted: tour groups only.