Neskuchny Garden

Sergei Bobylev/TASS
This old landscaped park, contiguous to Gorky Park, overlooks the Moskva River from its steep right bank. The famous Russian noble families, the Trubetskoys, the Orlovs, and the Golitsyns, once had their manors here with endless vistas guarded by living statues, and secret arbours tucked away amid the greenery. Factory owner Prokofy Demidov founded a botanical garden here and filled it with rare plants. In the 19th century, Neskuchny Garden was a popular recreation spot for Muscovites, who were lured by the promise of an idyllic stroll along the riverbank with a scenic view of Saint Andrew's Monastery. There was a summer theatre in Neskuchny Garden, where both local and visiting artists – gypsies and magicians – played. The Garden today is a landscaped forest with deep ravines, overgrown with lilies of the valley. The summer theatre is still here. Other attractions include a children's club, a menagerie, Fersman Mineralogical Museum, and a hunter's hut remaining from the Trubetskoy family times. TV quiz show What? Where? When? is filmed in the hunter's hut nowadays.