Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Established in 2008, Garage was one of the premiere trend-setting art galleries in Moscow. It was not a museum to begin with, but an exhibition venue, housed in the building of the Bakhmetievsky bus garage (hence the name). Garage was already a museum in 2012, when it moved into a temporary pavilion in Gorky Park. The museum found itself a permanent residence in 2015: a whole complex of buildings of the former Seasons Café, which had existed in Gorky Park since 1968. The remodelling of the buildings was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. Now the complex looks like a miniature replica of the Central House of Artists. Artists are learning to feel at home in the new Garage space, owned by Darya Zhukova, the founder of Iris Foundation for the Promotion and Support of Art, the wife of Roman Abramovich, the known entrepreneur and former governor of Chukotka. So far this year, the new Garage has hosted the shows of some big-name artists, including Eric Bulatov (Russia), Katharina Grosse (Germany), and Yayoi Kusama (Japan).