Sakharov Centre


The Sakharov Centre, opened in 1996, was originally named Andrei Sakharov Museum and Community Centre. 1975 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Andrei Sakharov was a famous Soviet physicist, academy fellow, and human rights advocate. The Sakharov Centre was the idea of Sakharov's widow Yelena Bonner. The exhibits at the Sakharov Centre are, for the most part, pieces of historical evidence rather than artworks. The museum exhibits the works of artists who fell victim to Stalinist persecution, as well as artefacts crafted by GULAG prisoners. One permanent section of the Sakharov Centre is dedicated to the documentary evidence of political repression in the Soviet Union between the years 1918 and 1956. Sakharov's personal archive is also stored here, in itself representing a whole stratum of Soviet history.