Triumph Gallery


The founders of Triumph Gallery, Emelian Zakharov and Dmitry Khankin, were determined to shock and surprise from day one of their project. In 2007, a year after the gallery opened, the partners brought in the controversial British artists, the brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman. Triumph is the outlet for notorious creative alliances such as AES+F, media icons such as TV hostess and fashion designer Alexandra Vertinskaya, the granddaughter of famous singer/songwriter Alexander Vertinsky, and the lesser known – or, perhaps, completely unknown – artists. Triumph is the place to check out the works of Thanatos Banionis, the pseudonym of a group of artists who hide their names and, adding mystery to the enigma, also their faces. All their works are children of a collective brain, indeed. Yelena Tratlina, a debutante on Moscow's art scene, exhibits her works in the gold leaf stamping technique, which she mastered in Italy, at Triumph.