ARTPLAY Design Centre

Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

ARTPLAY and WINZAVOD across the street could compete over artists and visitors, but they made a deal in good time. ARTPLAY chose to prime itself as a design centre, emphasizing architecture and interior design. The bolster the concept, the creators of ARTPLAY opened specialized shops, selling pretty much everything a designer may ever need. However, plenty of space at ARTPLAY is dedicated to art shows, not only shops. The show Van Gogh – Paintings Alive, featuring interactive installations based on Van Gogh paintings, drew huge crowds. The success story was repeated in 2016 with similar multimedia shows based on Monet and Cezanne. Another multimedia show, Michelangelo – The Creation, took place in 2017: the legendary frescoes of the Sistine Chapel came alive on big screens.