Borodino Battle Panorama Museum

Valery Sharifulin/TASS

The Battle of Borodino is one of the three largest historical panoramic paintings in Russia. According to a legend, the panorama stands where the house of a certain peasant named Frolov had stood in 1812, in which the Russian commanders had their legendary "Meeting at Fili," deciding to leave Moscow to Napoleon. There is no way of confirming that the house had actually stood there, but it was a small village, so obviously the momentous historical event took place somewhere close. The colourful panoramic painting of enormous proportions, commemorating the grandiose Battle of Borodino, was created by Franz Roubaud, a famous panoramic artist in the 19th century, the paterfamilias of the Russian school of battle scene painting. His other sensational panoramic painting was Siege of Sevastopol. The Borodino panorama was unveiled in 1912 to mark the hundred-year anniversary of the Battle of Borodino. It was originally contained within a specially constructed rotunda at Chistye Prudy. It was moved to Fili for the 150th anniversary. The circumference of the painting is 115 metres (377 feet) long and 15 metres (49 feet) tall. It is one of the largest paintings in the world.

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