Museum of Moscow

Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Founded in 1896, the Museum of Moscow is the Russian capital’s most important mixed-use museum complex, also serving as a convention centre and an educational and cultural hub, dedicated to the city and its people. Its mission is, on the one hand, to preserve the city’s entire history and, on the other hand, to showcase the most important and interesting current events taking place in Moscow. The Museum of Moscow boasts one of the largest collections in Russia, listing over 1 million exhibits. Housed in the historical building of the former Army food warehouses, a federal landmark, the Museum of Moscow hosts dozens of exhibitions and events, including festivals, seasonal food fairs, book fairs, flea markets, theatrical performances and music concerts. The museum includes a cinema, a play centre for kids, a lecture hall and excursions desk. The Museum of Moscow consists of several branches, each telling its own chapter of Moscow’s history: Moscow Archaeology Museum, Old English Yard and Lefortovo History Museum. The Museum of Moscow launched its new space, Gilyarovsky Centre, in December 2017.