Moscow International Performing Arts Center

This posh, humongous 46-metre (151-foot) tall high-rise, built on the bank of the Moskva River in the early 2000s, is now one of the largest philharmonic establishments in the world. In addition to its three concert halls, each custom-designed and fitted with sophisticated equipment, the 46,000 square metre (150,919 square foot) MIPAC boasts a Musical Terrace, which is used as an extra auditorium, as well as housing a restaurant, art gallery, recording studio, audiovisual showroom, flower salon, musical instruments shop, and what not. The biggest hall, Svetlanovsky, has a modern grand organ and seating for as many as 1699.  The 556-seat Chamber Hall has a small, movable organ. The third, Teatralny Hall, is a transformer. The stage and the auditorium can be reconfigured for different purposes, seating 400 to 524, depending on the event.  MIPAC is the home base of two orchestras, led by celebrated conductor Vladimir Spivakov: the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia and the National "Virtuosos of Moscow" Chamber Symphony Orchestra. The "Russian Philharmonic" Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sergey Tararin, is also domiciled here.