Mayakovsky Theatre

Nikolai Galkin/TASS

This faux-Russian style building was constructed in 1886 for the Paradise, a private theatre company. The facade was designed by Fyodor Shechtel, who would later design the MKhT building. Before 1917, the Paradise often lent its stage to guest acts. Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, Mounet-Sully, the Coquelins, and other foreign celebrities played there. In 1917 the building was nationalized and became the Theatre of the Revolution, founded by Vsevolod Meyerhold. Legendary stage directors Alexey Popov, Nikolay Okhlopkov and Andrey Goncharov worked here. The company has always been famous for its strong, star-filled line-up. It still is. People go to the Mayakovsky Theatre, or simply Mayak, to see the superb acting of Igor Kostolevsky, Mikhail Filippov, Yevgenia Simonova, Svetlana Nemolyayeva, and others. Lithuanian director Mindaugas Karbauskis has steered the company since 2011. A GITIS alumnus and Piotr Fomenko's pupil, Karbauskis continues his teacher's cause with skill and tact, building a solid, balanced actor's theatre in the time-honoured Russian tradition of "deep" acting.