Russian State Theatre Satirikon named after Arkady Raikin

Satirikon's history began in 1939 when Arkady Raikin, the great stand-up comic, founded the Leningrad Theatre of Miniatures. Raikin's son Konstantin talked his elderly father into moving to Moscow in the early 1980s. In the capital, authorities gave Raikin Senior the building of Tajikistan Cinema at Maryina Roshcha Distrcit. Raikin renamed it Satirikon. Following the protracted renovation of the Tajikistan, the theatre reopened on its new stage in Moscow in 1987, but this time sans the founder. Raikin Junior, who inherited Satirikon, acts and occasionally directs there. His core staff are his pupils, but Raikin Junior himself has to act if he wants his play to make money. His solo acts are actually the most successful. Some of Satirikon fans are also die-hard followers of Saint Petersburg director Yuri Butusov, who is stage director and creative director at Saint Petersburg's Lensoviet Theatre. Butusov collaborates with Konstantin Raikin's company on a steady basis. Butusov's productions, usually creative interpretations of famous classics, clash with Satirikon's rather motley and light-minded core repertoire, but this only galvanizes the audience.