Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

Stanislavsky Drama Theatre went through a major reconstruction in 2015, and its repertoire was drastically reformatted. The moribund company was given a new lease on life when a dynamic new creative director, Boris Yukhananov, took over. Yukhananov had previously led an experimental lab at the School of Drama Arts, headed by Anatoly Vasiliev. With the renovation and the repertoire overhaul came a new name, hinting at the fact that this was a cinema before 1917, and cinemas used to be called "electric theatres" back in those days. The name Stanislavsky, which the theatre has inherited from its prior life, indicates that this once was the opera studio of the MKhT founder. The second phase of reconstruction is supposed to give the Electrotheatre a few more buildings inside its courtyard. After that Yukhananov promises to open a training lab and a "world centre for stage directing" in the new multiplex. In the meantime, the Electrotheatre continues to surprise its audiences with the works of international celebrities: Theodoros Therzopoulos, Romeo Castelucci, Heiner Goebbels, and others.