Main Building of Moscow State University

Natalya Garnelis/TASS
The Moscow State University (MSU) building at Vorobyovy Gory is as much a symbol of Russia as the Bolshoi Theatre, the Volga River or Lake Baikal. The 240-metre (787-feet) tall main building of MSU, the tallest tower of the seven, was designed by a team of architects temporarily led by Boris Iofan (who also designed the House on the Embankment), and built in 1953. The building, which houses several MSU departments and its administrative offices, was originally designed with apartments for university staff. They say that the sculptor Vera Mukhina had proposed to the architects and personally Lavrentiy Beria, who supervised the construction, to place her famous Worker and Kolkhoz Woman sculpture in the middle of the plaza outside the main entrance, but Beria declined. Nowadays the MSU main building is frequently used as an arena for 3D laser shows. You cannot just walk into the building, but you can sign up for an excursion to the Earth Science Museum, which occupies several floors in the building.