Paveletskaya (Koltsevaya Line)

Nikolai Galkin/TASS
Paveletskaya of the Koltsevaya (circle) Line is one of the best works of Nikolai Kolli. The station looks pleasantly classicistic with its Corinthian columns of solid marble at the corners of the pylons, and its brown marble ornaments embedded in light-coloured Koelga marble. The ornaments were taken from traditional embroidery of the Volga people. The theme of the station is the Volga and the lands along the Volga. The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman mosaic mural is another work of Pavel Korin. Through the tunnel, one of the longest in Moscow, we transfer to Zamoskvoretskaya Line, but before we continue, let us go upstairs to the lobby and admire the "drum" dome with a mosaic frieze, and the decorative Red Square mosaic above the escalator arch.