Nikolai Galkin/TASS
One of the finest and most technologically advanced Metro stations in Moscow, Mayakovskaya was hailed as Alexey Dushkin's best subterranean creation, and won the Grand Prix at the 1939 World Exhibition in New York. The station has nothing to do with Vladimir Mayakovsky, its name notwithstanding. Its main theme is Soviet aircraft engineering. A hall with columns would have been almost impossible to build at this depth (34 metre (112 feet)) as the columns would not have withstood the pressure of the vault, but the architect found an ingenious solution, asking aircraft engineers for help. In a project supervised by Alexander Putilin, the Dirizhablestroy blimp factory near Moscow manufactured vaulted frames of stainless steel with extra large spans. To give an impression of extra lightness, mosaics on the theme of 24 Hours of Soviet Skies were placed inside the vault domes, based on sketches by Aleksandr Deyneka. This is the only station this deep where the ceiling seems to soar high above the ground. Looking up, you see the sky and some airplanes flying.