Nikolai Galkin/TASS
This sprawling station with twin lobbies is dedicated to Soviet sports and the eponymous arena next to the station. The station's mighty pylons are faced with Tagil marble from the Urals, which is so rich in patterns and hues that further decorations would seem redundant. Only proper lighting is needed. In the marble-like limestone of the wall finishing we can catch a glimpse of petrified creatures from the Cretaceous Period, such as corals and molluscs. Built into the pylons of the central hall are wooden benches. Their backrests are encrusted with ornaments of marble and onyx, a band of Agamzalin onyx running across, lit from inside. Above the benches are porcelain medallions depicting the 21 sports featured in the Spartakiad of Peoples of the USSR. The prototypes of many of these images were real athletes, for example, ski racer Maria Isakova and football player Grigory Fedotov.