Nikolai Galkin/TASS
Boris Iofan, probably the most influential architect in Moscow, the creator of the House on the Embankment, the unfinished House of Soviets, and the Soviet pavilions at World Exhibitions, one of which currently serves as pedestal for the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman sculpture, built only one Metro station in the capital, and that is Baumanskaya. Its original name was Spartakovskaya, and Iofan had planned to decorate it in the classic Roman style, with gladiator statues in the pylon niches. But because the station was built during the war, Soviet war heroes – guerrillas, Red Army soldiers, and workers of the rear – took the place of the gladiators. The pylons are faced with white Uzbek Gazgan marble, and the niches, with red porphyry. The passengers seem to be taking a stroll here under the watchful eye of the ever vigilant statues.