Nikolai Galkin/TASS
Of all Stalin-era Metro stations, Elektrozavodskaya is arguably the most "classical." Its heavy white-marble pylons are crowned with Doric entablatures and adorned with sculptures on the theme of Work in Times of War by Georgy Motovilov. But the main attraction of Elektrozavodskaya is its vault with more than 300 lights built into its spherical caissons. This was the station's excuse for being located next to, and named after, an electrical appliances factory, Elektrozavod. The red Georgian Salieti marble used in the wall finishing of the train tunnel is worthy of note, containing the shells of prehistoric molluscs, which millions of years ago had inhabited what today is the Caucasus. Elektrozavodskaya, rightfully considered one of Moscow's finest Metro stations, won a Stalin Prize in 1946.