Rogozhskoye Cemetery

This old cemetery owes its existence to the plague epidemic of the late 18th century. The local Old Believer community built a poorhouse, a hospice and a few chapels in the vicinity of the graveyard at around the same time. The Old Believers buried their dead in common graves here, and soon a whole Old Believer village sprang up around the cemetery. This custom changed at the end of the 19th century, when Rogozhskoye Cemetery became the resting place of Moscow merchants and factory owners, the likes of the brothers Pavel and Vasily Ryabushinsky, Savva Morozov, and Matvey Kuznetsov, who owned porcelain factories. The graves of local citizens executed during Stalin's time were added in the mid-20th century. Rogozhskoye Cemetery is a desolate place with sombre archbishopric tombs, lavishly decorated sarcophagi of the rich people of old, and the Old Believers' Cathedral of the Protection, designed by Matvey Kazakov.