Moscow Raceway

Opened in July 2012. The track has the highest category of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) – Grade 1. The venue is ready to host competitions of any level up to the stages of the Formula 1. Based on the project by the famous German architect and developer of racing tracks Hermann Tilke, who supervised the construction.

Maximum length of the route – 4070 metres (13,353 feet), with 3955 m (12,976 feet) for racing; width – from 12 to 21 metres (39 to 69 feet); elevation – 22 metres (72 feet). Consists of 9 left and 6 right turns. Maximum design speed for Formula 1 cars is 311 kilometres per hour.

It is located 80 kilometres (262,467 feet) from Moscow on Novorizhskoye or Volokolamskoye Shosse (Novorizhskoye or Volokolamskoye Highway).