Krylatskoye Rowing Canal

Built in 1973 for the European Rowing Championships, the canal is located in Tatarovskaya floodplain of the Moskva River in the protected area of the Moskvoretsky natural historical park.

The total length of the canal is 2340 metres (10,630 feet), width – 125 metres (410 feet). The return channel is parallel to the main channel and reaches 75 metres (246 feet) in width, which allows it to host ring relay races at a distance of 10 kilometres (33 feet).

In 1980, the venue hosted competitions in rowing and canoeing for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Several years ago, the canal was renovated, which allowed it to host the European Championship and the World Canoe Sprint Championships. Monorail video system is mounted in Krylatskoye.