Arena CSKA Stadium

Opened on August 23, 2016. First official match played on September 10.

Arena CSKA was built to replace the old CSKA Stadium named after Grigory Fedotov, which had existed from 1961 until 2007, when construction began on the new stadium.

Arena CSKA is a modern football stadium, occupying an area of 78,000 square metres (839,585 feet), excluding the utility areas and the stalls.

The new arena is characterized by cool modern design and well thought-out infrastructure. Excellent visibility of the football pitch can be enjoyed from any seat in the stalls.

Four buildings adjoin the football pitch at its four corners. The north-western and south-eastern office buildings are each 11 storeys high. The south-western building is a 142-metre (466-foot), 38-storey tower whose shape resembles the UEFA Cup, which CSKA won in 2005. The 8-storey north-eastern building is a 48-room hotel.

The main building of the stadium is five storeys high. The first floor houses locker rooms, training gyms, administration offices, and the press centre with a conference room and cafeteria.

The indoor roundabout concourse on the second floor is the easiest way to get to your sector.

The bottom tier of the spectator stalls (second floor) seats 12,500, and the top tier (fifth floor) seats 14,500. The premium areas seat another 3,000.

The third floor houses the 28-seat government box, 100 seats for people with disabilities and 100 for their caretakers, and a few specially equipped cafeteria and restrooms.

There is a 500-seat VIP sector in the middle of the main stall. The VIP boxes are catered by top Moscow restaurants.

The media box seats 250 people.

The stadium also houses the CSKA football club museum and a shop selling club merchandize and gifts. The fan clubs are located in their designated rooms on the fourth floor.

Apart from football matches, the stadium plans to host other sports events and music concerts.