Vysokopetrovsky Monastery

Nikolay Galkin/ТАSS

This centrally located early 14th century cloister defines Moscow architecturally more than most other similar landmarks. Vysokopetrovsky Monastery is assumed to have been founded by Prince Ivan Kalita. They say the prince went hunting in these parts shortly before his death, and he had a vision of a snow-covered mountain. First the snow disappeared, and then the mountain itself vanished into thin air. Ivan Kalita asked Peter, the Metropolitan, to interpret the meaning of the vision. The Metropolitan said, "The high mountain is you, the prince, and the snow is me, a man of humility. I must leave this life before you." Much aggrieved, Kalita ordered a church built where he had seen a mountain in his vision, and a monastery would spring up around it later on. The central landmark of the cloister is the Church of Peter the Metropolitan, built in 1517 by Aloisio the New, the Italian architect who also created the Cathedral of the Archangels in the Kremlin.